Welcome to the International Network of SCI Occupational Therapists (SCIOT)

The International Network of SCI Occupational Therapists (SCIOT) is a not-for-profit initiative with the aim of linking occupational therapists working in the specialty of spinal cord injuries (SCI) around the world to share our knowledge in Occupational therapy and SCI. While the focus is on occupational therapy and spinal cord injury, other professions working in related fields are also welcome to join.

Who are we? Why join SCIOT?
Membership is free and gives you full access to this website and the resources contained within. Keeps you updated on what’s going on in the field of Occupational therapy and SCI worldwide.

The aim of the SCI Occupational therapy Network:
- Share good practice, increase knowledge
- Provide online educational resources
- Share tools/assistive technology made by your self
- Share tips and tricks for independent living 
- Increase the possibility of exchange programs